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quality of salesperson

That’s why the most successful salespeople are the best  cheerleaders for their small businesses at the same time. He should also have complete knowledge of competitive products, customers and various selling techniques. Sharp memory is necessary to recognise the customer and to recollect his needs and wants. (x) Assist the Buyers in their Buying Decisions: Where the salesman possesses sufficient knowledge about the quality, price, standard and uses of the product, he will be in a better position to guide the buyers in having such a product, thus helping them in their buying decisions. Carry out personal SWOT analysis for identifying the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. So, let’s look at what traits you need to launch your sales career, and turn you into sales wizard. The customers usually hesitate or irritate with such salesman. Salesmanship is a highly skilled vocation and requires ambition, aptitude and enthusiasm. He should be polite in behaviour while talking with customers. This will be a good opportunity for the salesmen to up-to-date their knowledge about the new product and various information relating to sales. His views, ideas and communication skills bring improvement to customer relations. Adaptability 4. salesperson expertise led to higher levels of rela tionship quality while Swan et al. He should have the ability to read the customer’s mind and behave accordingly. Hard working. Developing good relation creates satisfied customers which will help the organization in getting repeat orders. He should have the quality of adjusting with customers of different nature. He should develop certain personal qualities which are essential for effective salesmanship. A good salesman must have a high degree of intelligence, initiative and foresight. Ability to Create and Maintain Good Customer Relations: The main object of selling should be to create good customer relations and to maintain such relations for ever. (vii) Precautions in using/handling the product. Sales literatures like sales manuals, sales bulletins, salesman’s portfolios, motion pictures and visual aids, questionnaires, etc. This is also one of the top qualities of a master closer and the only one that can’t be taught. Data Surveillance During Remote Work Leaves Businesses Vulnerable, MitiMeth Startup Makes Products Out of Weeds, Verizon Hum Makes Your Business Vehicle Secure, Small Businesses Need No-Strings-Attached Access to Funds -- Here’s a Smart Option, By 2016, 25 Percent of eCommerce Sales Could Be Mobile, https://www.salestestonline.com/sales-personality-test-5-personality-traits-of-top-sales-people-closers, Top Franchise Opportunities - Lists and More Lists. (iii) Good behaviour – A sales person should be a well behaved person having ability to interact with people comfortably. Relationship management is a key skill of personal selling. Great Sales Managers Know More Than Just Numbers. I look for the laziest people I can find that have a history of great sales. He should ensure that his own ideas and views are matching with that of the customers. Dedicate one hour of your most productive time of the day to yourself, the most important person in the world. The company policies on refunds, rejections and defective goods should be properly understood by the sales executives. A good salesman stands like a soldier in the world of selling and keeps diversified knowledge about the product so as to divert the attention of buyers to his own product, than of his competitors. A person, who does not possess the communication ability and skill, cannot become a good salesman. (xi) Attention be given to use correct language. The people who really succeed don’t wait for customers to come to them. Flexibility of approach – He should interact with customers with a flexible approach, i.e., try to persuade different types of customers with different reasons. A good salesperson knows how to feel what their customers feel. He should possess sufficient and specialised knowledge about the product he is selling and the company he is representing. Prompt. 4. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. The importance and advantages of customer relationship can be stated under the following points: (i) Repeat sales – A satisfied customer never changes his buying place and such a permanent customer repeats purchases, thereby bringing an increase in sales and income. If, however, they are long on the 8 attributes above — Six Million Dollar Salespeople — … All rights reserved. Top earners know how to bounce back from a dry spell. The customers can certify their satisfaction of using the product and the producer image at the same time. – The sales person must have a sense of determination to secure the customer. He should be tactful. He must be a person who has a natural ability for conversion. The best salespeople aren’t always talking. to be made in the existing product. Self-Motivation 5. 4. He should not lose confidence and give up the customer so easily Salesman should have the ability or quality of developing good and longtime relations with customers. Salespeople who succeed enjoy measuring their skills against their peers. (1985) found that expertise was positively associated with trust. A pleasing and charming personality boosts self-confidence and morale. Also if proper listening skills are not developed among sales people they will fail to understand customers actually require. They get involved in their community and have many different business relationships. Excessive discussion may cause hesitation from customers. We want someone who is going to get excited about "the big fish"--someone who will prepare... 2. He should have ambitions and enthusiasm to become a good salesman. If suitable qualities are not developed among sales people, it can lead to erroneous selling on the part of the sales team of a company. (viii) By Providing Various Services to Customers: Producers of automobiles, industrial and domestic durable products provide various services to the buyers in respect of –, (a) Free services to technical and electronic goods. The salesman should take care of such irregularities on the part of the seller and ensure that such things shall not be repeated in future. The success in sales mainly depends no its effective presentation by the salesman. Salesman should possess moral qualities like honesty, loyalty, fair dealing etc. Share Your PPT File, Qualities of a Salesperson: Physical, Mental, Social, Vocational and General Qualities, Qualities of a Salesperson – 8 Qualities that Make a Salesman more Effective, Qualities of a Salesperson – 6 Important Qualities. – A salesman should be social and have the ability to mix with people. Low concern for sale and low concern for customer gives rise to price orientation of selling while high concern for customer and low concern for sale is what relationship orientation is all about. However, it is difficult to give a universal or exhaustive list of such qualities or traits because different situations require different qualities. He should have knowledge about customer’s taste, buying behaviour, income level, buying motives etc. ii. (viii) By Closely Observing the Production Process: The salesmen can acquire detailed knowledge about the product including the composition of the raw material used, by closely observing the production process in factories or at the place of production. The salesman should take necessary steps in creating lasting relationship in order to secure customer support always. In order to achieve effective personal selling, the following qualities of salesmen are required: 1. its qualities, how to use it, what precautions to be taken, etc. As obvious as that might seem, it is... 2-An ideology like that of your … Apply what you learn, in the real world, as early as possible. https://www.salestestonline.com/sales-personality-test-5-personality-traits-of-top-sales-people-closers. In a word, they’re competitive. He should have good build and be well dressed. He may assist in giving a new name to the product, and improvement or modification, etc. Therefore, he should possess a thorough knowledge about the competition and its products. In order to give sufficient product knowledge to the customers, the salesman must posses adequate knowledge about the product that he deals with. Sales people need to be trained suitably on how to apply six sigma to the selling process since this will facilitate them in removing unqualified prospects, boost excellent listening skills among sales people, foster optimal product knowledge in them and allow them to plan well and make effective sales presentations. They are always ready to make a sale at any given moment and continually looking for possibilities. Knowledge of the product and the company – A salesman should have full knowledge of the product and the company he is representing. (e) Extend short-term credit for purchasing goods. Sales professionals invented the use of game mechanics in the workplace. of the product. He should be able to understand their needs and guide them as how to satisfy those needs. Active Listening 2. Unless a salesman possesses good knowledge about his product, he will not be in a better position to satisfy his customers more confidently and more convincingly. A salesman must be in a position to project the products of his company as a superior and cost effective one as compared with the products of the competition. A quality sales professional is also determined to stay up to date on all product information and committed to learning new sales methodologies. An outstanding sales representative can go with the flow. They have personal needs only a sale can help them with. Good knowledge about the product may ensure satisfactory meeting of the customer objections and facing the competition successfully. Extension of such free services also helps to create and maintain good relationship with customers. can be gained through education. Paul Cherry. So that he can put across the superiority of his own products. Trade journals are regularly published by trade and industry, and also by the big business houses, containing detailed information about various products, use of technology and collaborative agreements, marketing opportunity for specific products in different regions of the country and overseas, justification for increase in the price of products, etc. When a sales representative loves their company, it shows in their pitch. He should be able to convince the customers regarding the superiority of his company’s products based on such a comparison. Physical attributes may include good appearance, sound health, cheerful disposition, stamina, postures, promptness; dress and cleanliness. The success of a salesman depends on his ability to understand the customers and convince them. 4. (i) Good personality – Good personality is a mixture of many traits like physical appearance, dressing up, way of talking, manners, pitch of voice, habits etc. He should be able to speak freely, clearly and in a well-pitched voice. (vi) Durability of the product, services and warranty offered by the producer. He should be capable of giving a comparative analysis of his company’s and the competitors’ products. Good communication ability coupled with good knowledge about the product helps the salesperson in persuading the customer to buy. By getting inside a prospect’s skin, they know just how to sell a product or service. Moral and ethical values that should be possessed by a good salesman include honesty, integrity, loyalty and high moral “Honesty is the best policy.” Therefore, he should be very honest in his practical way of life. He should have ambitions and enthusiasm to become a good salesman. 6. Qualities of a Salesperson – Physical, Mental, Social and Vocational Attributes, There are certain qualities that can be developed among sales people. His job is arduous and his physique should be sturdy, free from disease and disability of all types. He should have attractive, cheerful and smart appearance. Functions, Duties and Responsibilities of a Salesman 1. Product Knowledge – A good salesman must have knowledge about the company’s product. And don’t forget that a salesperson should be Friendly and Helpful. – Communication on skill is an assets for the salesman. A salesman should be loyal both to the employer and to the consumer. Share Your PDF File Leader boards, the President’s Club and special incentives have been part of the institution of sales for decades. These people like to set high expectations for themselves and work hard to meet them. A number of sources are available to a salesman to acquire knowledge about the products. There are certain qualities that can be developed among sales people. 2. The first one is empathy, which may be defined as the important central ability to feel as the other fellow does in order to be … This way, the scheduling of the visits regularly will help in maintaining good relations with customers. For the purpose of convincing the customers about increase in prices of the products, the salesman must know more about these aspects of the product. They can even  respond to queries through emails and on the phone at the same time. A good salesman should be fully familiar with his product, his firm, his customers and selling techniques. Fortunately for me I did. You are intent to know everything there is to know … (ix) Knowledge about competing products in the market (compete knowledge about the nature, quality, drawback, price, composition of raw material used, etc. Communication Ability and Knowledge of Local Language. (iii) Consulting with Seniors and Fellow Salesmen: This is another important source to acquire additional knowledge about the product. In such a situation he can only create confusion among the customers by his inaccurate presentation of facts or with unfair information. Good behaviour enables one to win the confidence of the customers. These things will ensure more sales leading to increase in incomes of the firm. It also includes good posture, sweet voice, pleasing appearance etc. Nevertheless, the qualities which are commonly found among effective salesmen are described under the following heads: A successful salesman must have sound health and pleasing personality. Knowledge about social etiquettes along with suitable knowledge of the local language in the area of operation are some of the other important ingredients as far as qualities of sale people are concerned. Ego Along with empathy, the other defining quality of a successful salesperson is a powerful yet resilient ego-drive. Social qualities – A salesman must have good manners and a courteous behaviour. Consumers always relate the products to the company. Such problems can be attended promptly and besides, their suggestions may be collected and passed on to the producer for consideration by the producer. Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. If your funnel is behaving as it should, it’ll send a … He should try to communicate his ideas clearly in limited words. (v) Bodily presentation – The salesman should use bodily language (expression or acting with hands, facts, eyes, etc.) To be successful, a salesperson must possess several qualities of head and heart. 6. which will be useful source for the salesmen to up-to-date their knowledge about products and services. He should be able to convince the customers regarding the superiority of his company’s products based on such a comparison. Sales person must be aware of the packing materials being used and pack sizes in which the product is sold. He should have a strong memory and keen observation skills in order to remember and understand his customers. In a salesperson, focus produces best results when it is balanced with empathy. (vii) Seriousness – During talks with customers, the salesman should adopt seriousness throughout his talks. 1. As such, the copies of advertisements can be an important source for the salesman to have product knowledge, by studying these copies very carefully. They know how to work through slumping sales numbers. The importance of having good knowledge about the product for a salesman, is based on a number of reasons. 1. In advertisements, all the characteristics about the product are described very clearly and effectively to attract the buyers. (vii) To Present Accurate Information about the Product: Once cannot present a product to the satisfaction of customers unless he possesses the factual and accurate information about the characteristics of the product. In this process, customers are helpful to the salesman and to the company in many ways. High concern for sale and low concern for customer gives rise to Order orientation of selling. So, he must have social qualities like he should be polite, cooperative, courteous, extrovert etc. Taking matters into their own hands is the mark of the real pro here. Selling. A good sales representative knows this and takes all the time needed. 5. Make sure you've got these characteristics--or else learn to develop them. The best of these folks are also on the lookout for changes in the industry and what’s offered by the competition. 7. He should not feel irritated if the buyer puts up many questions even if the questions are irrelevant. Ability to persuade – A salesman should be good in conversation so that he can engage the person he is attending in conversation. 2. If there’s a product or services that needs to be sold, they can find a way. It helps the salesman to explain various aspects of the product. Customers will be prepared to pay increased prices when they are fully satisfied with the quality/standard/improvements in the products. His employer too should have faith in him. In short, their egos need to be fed with good sales numbers. (x) Doubtful matters/sentence spoken should be repeated. He should also have knowledge of products of rival companies. The affected customers may suitably by compensate. This happens due to various reasons such as- doubts in the mind of customers about the quality, price, etc. If a salesman has made a sale by stating wrong facts, by cheating customers then in the long run, he creates bad image for himself and also for his organization. Believing in the product or service they are selling is essential. Good personality consists of several attributes such as neat appearance, refined tastes, good habits, clear voice, etc. 3. 8. A good salesperson needs to satisfy a client’s needs. Physical Qualities or Personality – A salesman should have good personality. The Top Qualities of a Good Salesperson 1. This is because that he will be able to satisfy the customers. In a competitive business situation where the product are frequently modified or new and improved products are introduced in the market by competing firms, it is very difficult to sell a product unless the salesman knows detailed information about the modification or improvement made in the quality, size features, uses, etc. 3. The only way to find out what those are is by listening to what each prospect is saying. Now a day, personal selling process has become professionalized, so professional skills like knowledge about product, market conditions; command over language etc. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. On the other hand even if you do possess 100% of the bullet points in this article, having a great boss helps to unlock all of your potential. It is important for the salesman to learn certain basic knowledge about the product, such as: (i) Innovation and development of the product. A Japanese businessman has said once, “our aim is more above the customer satisfaction; our aim is to entertain the customer and establish a long-term relationship with him.”. Highly successful salespeople come in all shapes and sizes and may not always be the life of the party. Such meetings will also help in knowing their problems with the product and their future buying plans. It’s all about looking for new ways to stay in a client’s mind. He will be able to justify the customers on the basis of such experience. 2. Vocational Attributes 5. Conclusion In conclusion, these 10 traits will make a quality salesperson. He must be having suitable and complete product knowledge so that he is well equipped to handle any sort of customer query or complaint. 8. – An effective salesman must possess certain mental qualities like imagination, strong memory power, presence of mind, initiative etc. Strong will, self-confidence, ambition, sincerity, loyalty and honesty are important social attributes of a good salesman. Charming sales representatives create a good first impressions and open the door to sales. Determination and Quality of Developing Relations with Customers – The sales person must have a sense of determination to secure the customer. 8. Serving Alaskans since 1956 we have relied on our superior service and the quality of our products to … (iv) No attention to competitors brands – A satisfied customer never pays attention to the advertisement and publicity of the competitors brands as he has already created a brand loyalty of the present seller’s product. Sound health – A salesman has to work hard. Therefore, a salesman should be able to understand the stages and be able to go through all the stages such as prospecting, preparation, presentation and conclusion.

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