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kfc double down calories singapore

Those with a bigger appetite, go all out with the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down Box ($11.65 for takeaway) instead, which includes a 1pc fried chicken, regular whipped potato, fries, and drink. KFC Singapore has just announced that they are releasing a brand new burger called the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down on 29 May 2020. Now streaming at a KFC … This is the equivalent of wiping off 57 billion calories from KFC menus across the country. 6 Double Down Dog – Philippines In November 2010, the Double Down was launched in select branches in the Philippines, the first in Asia. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. @30.08.2019 um 11:00 Uhr. Services Gift Vouchers Catering Birthday Party; Services . ☀️ Schon unsere Ricebox probiert? There are 599 calories in 1 sandwich of KFC Double Down. A Double Down with an Extra Layer of Chicken, Bacon, & Cheese: Popularity: Medium-High: Triple Down Price: Usually 1.5x the price of a Double Down: Triple Down - How to Order: Ask for a "Triple Down" from the KFC Secret Menu. - So. KFC Singapore launched the Zinger Double Down on April 16, 2012. There are two meal versions available – with cheese (£5.79) or with cheese & bacon (£5.99) and I made the mistake of ordering just the Bacon and Cheese Double Down for a pound less. Topped off with saucy lil' peppermayo and crisp lettuce goodness, all on a warm sesame seed bun. Quality Assurance Halal Policy Nutrition Facts. Variants offered by KFC have included grilled instead of fried chicken fillets and fillets with Zinger spicy coating. Find your nearest restaurant. If not, here’s an image of the dish, aptly named “Waffle Double Down”: Image: KFC. KFC Zinger Double Down is back by popular demand in Malaysia! KFC NEAR ME. The double down burger series is finally back! Photo via KFC Singapore. That’s right gravy fans, this Christmas your local KFC is all about that good stuff. Neueröffnungen. Photo: KFC Korea. The waffle is slathered with a unique maple mayo – offering both sweet and salty flavours in one hearty bite. 1 year ago. The Double Down contains a staggering 37 grams of fat, 11 of which are saturated fat. So KFC claims that the two Double Downs only have 540 and 460 calories each (fried and grilled, respectively). Due to the high demand, KFC Hong Kong had to use the bone-in fried chicken in place of the pancake base. An der A61 Lohrgraben 17 55444 Waldlaubersheim. Then you've got the Original Recipe Platter, which is literally just fried chicken with breakfast sides (scrambled eggs, hash browns and a wholemeal bun, for some reason). Find a KFC . Goodbye, diet – it was good while it lasted. Ma. Still, KFC's new creation might surprise you a little on the nutritional front. Hamburg. Qualität. Granted, how often do you consider calories when contemplating a fast-food feast? Food . Tasty, drippy, delicious gravy. There are 601 calories in 1 serving (238 g) of KFC Double Zinger. All of that fat also yields a massive 330 calories from fat. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. It has been promoted via billboards and a TV commercial that says it has "so much 100 percent premium chicken, we didn't have room for a bun." 1 Zinger Double Down, wedges, drink. According to KFC, “it’s a hearty eat with a bunch of delicious stuff sandwiched between 2 glorious chicken fillets. If the Big Mac is the fast food equivalent of Michael Jackson, the KFC Double Down is Justin Bieber. Of the three, KFC says that the Zinger Double Down is a returning item, while the other two are new on the menu. KFC Singapore is bringing back not just their sinful Zinger Double Down burger, but also a new Mozzarella Zinger Double Down for extra cheesy goodness. Zinger Double Down which was launched few years ago, had received high attentions from the crowd too. Low Calorie Recipes ... We first saw it with the KFC Double Down, then came Taco Bell’s Naked Egg Taco, and then the wild KFC doughnut chicken sandwich. Welcher KFC-Typ bist du? KFC Gourmet Chicken Burger: Menü: € 5,89 € 7,99: Grilled KFC Gourmet Chicken Burger: Menü: € 5,89 € 7,99: Double Crunch Burger: mit Käse: € 2,79 € 3,29: Crispy Dog: mit Käse: € 2,19 € 2,49: Wraps: Yummy Twister Wrap: mit Käse Menü € 4,79 € 5,29 € 6,49: Twister … Was bisher auf meiner Bucket-List stand: Einen Bucket essen. Belly! The KFC Double Down was initially test marketed in Omaha, Nebraska, and Providence, Rhode Island. The Double Down priced from £4.79 – or from £5.79 with fries and a drink – is available in UK restaurants for six weeks only. This is actually a better option since the toppings of the Okonomiyaki balance better on a flat platform. This includes reducing salt by as much as 50% across our … The new Waffle Original Recipe Double Down is a take on KFC’s classic Double Down, but with a crisp Belgian waffle in the middle. New Kentaco at KFC Singapore. Get In Touch . Öffnungszeiten: Mo. Although fried chicken is an evergreen classic, KFC has proven over the years that there are new and tasty ways to eat it—be it in the form of the super sinful Double Down or the ultra savoury Chizza.This year, they’re scoring a hat trick with the new Kentaco.. 11:00 - 23:00 Uhr. If you take KFC’s advice and eat the Double Down “all day every day”, you had better be a slow eater… so slow that over the course of the day you only eat half of one of these sandwiches. Now, from Monday 9th October, KFC fans can finally get their hands on the Double Down! They are also featuring new fries called the Sour Cream & Onion fries! Get. HERE'S A TASTE OF WHAT THIS MEANS: RECIPE IMPROVEMENTS. IT'S AN AMBITIOUS GOAL BUT WE HAVE THE PLANS IN PLACE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Get full nutrition facts for other KFC products and all your other favorite brands. Gift Vouchers Catering Birthday Party. The Double Down contains bacon, cheese and sauce between two pieces of chicken fillet. There are at least three kinds of animals in there. Instead of regular bacon, the Singapore version uses turkey bacon to conform to halal standards. KFC Malaysia The Colonel's Story Milestones and Achievements CSR News Join Us Scam Alert. History. Rice and shine! Menu FAQ Terms and Conditions. Apart from that, you can also look forward to Sour Cream & Onion Fries, a brand new, never-seen-before addition to the menu - on top of an irresistible 10-for-$18 fried chicken offer at 46% off. Well, at least take KFC’s social media posts with a pinch of salt. Find a KFC Restaurant open near you or order KFC delivery now. Locations . Double the tenders, double the fun. KFC has brought its "bunless burger," the Double Down, back to New Zealand outlets for a limited time. Bahnhof Altona Scheel … About Us . In. KFC Mozzarella Zinger Double Down Comes With An Extra Chunk Of Stringy Cheese Let it flow with an early stock-ing filler, the Gravy Double Bucket. The Double Down is a dish offered by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants where a sandwich is formed by two pieces of fried chicken rather than the more usual halves of a bread roll. Zinger Double Down. In your mouth! As usual, the “burger” is made from 2 Original Recipe chicken fillets. This is obviously delicious, and there is one place it has got to be. KFC Re-Launches Double Down After Trolling Singapore with Steamed Chicken Burger. The purveyor of fried chicken launches the Waffle Original Recipe Double Down on Sep 4. There are 610 calories in 1 sandwich (248 g) of KFC Double Down. Waldlaubersheim. Korea’s New KFC Double Down Is Even More Horrifying Than the Original. Following this, KFC Malaysia introduced the Double Down as well starting on the 25th of September 2012. At the risk of being unfortunately unpleasant, I’m forced to express my disbelief of those numbers, because there’s no way that these things have less calories than a Big Mac (without cheese!). KFC Singapore also offers an Original Recipe Twister, which is basically a breakfast burrito made with fried chicken, as well as the American Twister, which is exactly that but with turkey bacon and hash browns. Think about it: the Big Mac is the most famous fast-food item of all time, but there was a time recently when the Double Down stole the show. KFC Delivery . We have been working to reduce the salt, fat, sugar and calories in our recipes for several years. KFC. KFC announced it in an April Fools' Day press release, and launched the item in the United States on April 12, 2010. Choose from either Mini Fillets or Hot Wings and then cover in gravy. On its own, the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down will set you back $7.50 for takeaway orders. As always, KFC’s new star item is available as a la carte and in various meal bundles. KFC Singapore is launching their new Chicken and Waffles on 4 ... and if you’re like BuffLord95 who calculates every single calorie that goes into your mouth, then please skip this. KFC NEAR ME @02.09.2019 um 11:00 Uhr. This offer is not everywhere and not forever. But if you thought that was the logical endpoint of this innovation, be prepared to have your mind blown. : Calorie Breakdown: 43% fat, 17% carbs, 41% prot. Get full nutrition facts for other KFC products and all your other favorite brands. Posted on Aug 18, 2017 Aug 15, 2018 by Editorial Team.

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