importance of specification in construction pdf

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importance of specification in construction pdf

involvement in the design and construction process and the extent to which he may change his mind or wish to alter the specification during construction. The following are common types of specification. • A list of the CSI numbers and titles includes : 0-Bidding and Contracting Requirements. Specification for construction - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. As its importance in readymade garments sector, today I will present here a details discussion about the garments specification sheet. 0000009430 00000 n 8. Standards form the fundamental building blocks for project development by establishing consistent protocols that can be universally understood and adopted. be completed within a set specification, having definite start and end dates. It is a requirement in securing building permit in the Philippines. Industry leaders want to reduce costs by preventing negative safety and health consequences of poor designs. 0000016506 00000 n The teacher should develop the table of specification in order to have content sampling and item validity. The children are the hope and future of the world and it is unthinkable for them to continue to live and learn in unsafe, poorly built houses and schools. 0000000857 00000 n Subcontractors and teams use these specs as a guide to choose the right materials for the specific project. It is a precise, explicit statement or enumeration of particulars as to size, shape, equality, color, … In this case, a stand-alone bid package and contract must be prepared by the consultant with a single A/V technical specification section as its core. Specification Writing 10 The Specification layout A typical Specification contains but is not limited to the following items of information: 1. FIRE PROTECTED COMMUNAL JELD-WEN offers fire protected communal stair components that are independently certified by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), part of the BRE, for fire protected stairs. 0000005367 00000 n A specification should list the functional, performance and technical characteristics separately. Functional specifications These are Specifications that define the function, duty or role of the goods or services. These defects may lead to serious injury and death, and loss of property when the forces of nature strike the house. ISO standards also provide a platform for new technologies and innovations that help the industry respond to local and global challenges related to demographic evolution, natural disasters, climate change and more. Construction Services Building Standard – M&E Design Standards 2 Version 1.2. The importance of standards and codes in construction specifications Hackett, Gerard L. J (1977) The importance of standards and codes in construction specifications. Listing the conditions of the contract. Thus, owners, designers, and trade contractors all have an interest in the final design. endstream endobj 2099 0 obj<>/W[1 1 1]/Type/XRef/Index[119 1954]>>stream A Construction Contract Agreement is a written document that contains everything that is agreed upon by both of the homeowner and the contractor. Specification is necessary to specify the equipment tools and plants to be engaged for a work and thus enables to procure them beforehand. A good specification should give a clear indication of the levels of quality you expect, the types of materials you want to be used on the job and how they should be installed, finished or tested. They do not include cost, quantity or drawn information but need to be read alongside other contract documentation such as quantities, schedules and drawings. It accounts for about 8% of gross domestic product, employs about 10% of the national workforce and generates an annual turnover of up to £250 billion. THE IMPORTANT STEPS IN PLANNING FOR A TEST ARE Benefits of TOS *ensures that the assessment has content validity *ensures that the same emphasis on content during instruction is mirrored in assessment *ensures alignment of test items with objectives *ensures that the content is 0000003875 00000 n In geographic terms we are uniquely placed to be adversely ... planning and specification of materials and systems and to building location and orientation. xref Specifications describe the products, materials and work required by a construction contract. construction industry is the largest of all industries. (Related to civil construction) 2. • Specifications are the written requirements for a material, product, or service for a proposed project, like a building, bridge or machine. 2073 27 Functional specifications define the task or desired result by focusing on what is to be achieved rather than how it is to be done. 0000000016 00000 n Drawingsare used to express the constructional work or size of the material used in it, but drawings lack to express the material type, the ratio of different materials used, required strength and required color, etc. The construction specification outlined the process required to construct the columns and the acceptance criteria on the product. It is a precise, explicit statement or enumeration of particulars as to size, shape, equality, color, manner and procedures of making things right. The interaction between construction costs, environmental impact, quality and completion schedules are carefully examined so as to realize the project in the most economical time frame. Specifications identify the materials’ technical properties, fabrication, and installation requirements in its description. In contrast, project management is orientated towards planning and control. and manufacturing specifications and processes. Specifications may be combined to form the one Specification. Specification is an integral part of a building plan. > Importance of Construction Specifications. environmental sustainability of the building is the correct specification of the construction materials. construction documents. Further main purposes of writing specifications are; To show the strength of construction material or construction work. 0000007304 00000 n The process was as follows: 1. As a supporting document, the specification is your opportunity to make your requirements on a project clear. project. Construction specifications are a part of the construction contract. 0000008362 00000 n 2075 0 obj<>stream The devil is in the details. Marques, Flávia Miranda . The intended audience of this book is students of university programs in engi- neering and construction. Importance at the Building Design Process for its Sustenability . 0000004815 00000 n As it is an intrinsic part of the contract documentation the specification is legally binding in the event of any dispute or litigation. construction industry is the largest of all industries. The Importance of Technical Specifications by Garry Musgrave, CTS-D Originally published: March 1997 Last updated: January 2001 Courtesy of: Conceptron Associates Introduction It is not sufficient for an audio-visual design consultant to simply design an audio-visual system, prepare a few drawings, and come up with an equipment list. The importance of construction drawing lies in the proper and smooth execution of the construction process on the site. 6-Wood and Plastics. Importance of Solid Specifications. %%EOF Jobs can be of different types and can require a different skill sets to get the maximum output from a particular. This will lead to spending more time on the construction site to define the specifications for proper execution. 0000007016 00000 n They do not include cost, quantity or drawn information, and so need to be read alongside other information such as quantities, schedules and drawings. the project design and construction practices, technical standards, specifications and principles to be followed during construction. Purpose and Importance Construction Management is the method by which the project planning, design and construction phases of a project are treated as integrated tasks. The UK construction industry has a global reputation for the quality of its work but yet it remains one of The importance of safe shelter cannot be overemphasized. 13.1 Introduction. trailer Masters … Download as PDF. CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS. Garments Spec Sheet Used in Apparel Industry: Definition of Garments Specification Sheet: Garments specification sheet is a document of a product which contains the sketch of garment design, fabric construction etc. Specification is an integral part of a building plan. Technical specifications may specify a performance goal (a performance specification) or procedures used to meet the performance goal (design specification). 0000001698 00000 n BALUSTRADE SOLUTIONS Page … TOs should be prepared before testing. Construction specifications, or construction specs for short, are documents that instruct contractors what needs to be done at a construction site. 0000008904 00000 n Construction specifications, also called specs, are the details for the work that needs to be completed in a construction project. hazards, not only principles of design are important, but also principles of construction, since the best designed house which has been well covered and painted, may hide serious structural defects in the construction. 0000004240 00000 n 3-Concrete. General The Work shall be carried out according to these Specifications whether specifically mentioned elsewhere or not. About this page. Thus tender rate without specification of works is baseless, incomplete and invalid. It is important to spend time developing the specification detail to ensure consistency on pricing, product quality, operational functionality and products are fit for purpose in order to reduce the financial impact of the wrong specification further down the line. It is a requirement in securing building permit in the Philippines. 5-Metals. The importance of construction drawing lies in the proper and smooth execution of the construction process on the site. 0000003149 00000 n that will provide a guide to the item construction which takes into account the relative importance of each component of the syllabus and each level of cognitive domain. Specifications describe the products, materials and work required by a construction contract. ... climate are of importance to both Cornwall Council and the people of Cornwall. This is also a fair process for suppliers to ensure they are quoting on a like-for-like basis. No extra in any form will be paid unless it is definitely stated as an item in the Bill ... of acceptable Specification is available form the stated or other sources. Product Concepts and Product Design Specifications 4.1 Introduction The development from the simple product idea to the product design specifications and finally the product specifications is a continually evolving process through the initial stage of the product development process to the end of the product design stage. From a manufacturer’s point of … Specification writing The process of specification writing, conducted in parallel with design and drawing work, helps create the proper balance between client, statutory, technical and aesthetic requirements. If insufficient information is imparted by these drawings, it might lead to a hampered design execution. Performance specification - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. Purpose of Specification Fulfill the remaining requirements. Scope 5. It is concerned with on-time delivery, within-budget expenditures and appropriate performance standards.

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