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Courses include animated lessons and exercises for beginners through advanced speakers. The main learning methodology is only to listen and repeat – not particularly engaging. Having said that, it is a very safe city – you can walk the streets at night without fear. I'm Nick Dahlhoff, the creator of All Language Resources. Helpful for developing a foundation, but you can’t depend on it too heavily. Get in touch with us to learn more about this unique program. This course is tailored for anyone wishing to learn the Levantine Dialect and interact in the region, understand the culture, music, societies and get around with daily conversation. For people who do not live in an Arab country and are willing to immerse themselves in an Arabic environment. Thankfully, there are a lot…, Whether you’ve been dying to visit the Eiffel Tower or you think it’ll be a cool language to add to…, People often assume that to study a language, you need to be working with a tutor, sitting in a classroom,…, Listening to a podcast on your computer or smartphone is an excellent way to pick up a new skill or…, Putting a good amount of effort into learning Finnish right from the beginning is extremely important, as your initial Finnish…. Price: $9.99/month for Premium and $13.99/month for Premium Plus. You’ll need other resources to really enhance your learning. Although they aren’t available in every dialect, if they happen to be available in the one you’re studying, you’d be off to a good start with any of these. Mondly, Rocket Arabic, Busuu, Talk in Arabic, Transparent Language. Instruction in Arabic follows the format of other languages in that it’s memorization of phrases rather than building from the basics up. Lessons aren’t very dynamic; the reading lessons involve scrolling through each page of letters, pronunciations, and word meanings. Dialect(s): MSA, Egyptian, Islamic/Quranic, Price: Subscriptions range from $69 to $99 per month. It’s mostly audio, with little written or text instruction. Plenty of hours of lessons are available at each level, and the video offerings help keep your study from becoming dull. Free and accessible with a simple user interface. In short, Duolingo is a great, free resource for casual learning and practice but it has lots of limitations. That said, we’ll start with our top picks for learning Arabic. arabic immersion program provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Complete Immersion Program Wafid employs a well-known technique that is practiced by the US Defense Language Institute . Advanced speakers won’t find much material, though the activities are interesting, and the stats trackers give your confidence a boost. Our language and content-based courses create a rich learning environment that simulates immersion while on campus. The highlight of Arabic Online is its tester course, which appeals to basic beginners and those just looking for a quick trial. You might not think that covering grammar, vocabulary, and culture could be entertaining, but ArabicPod101 does a pretty good job of it. The first issue with Mondly is the fact that they don’t specify the type of Arabic you’re learning. Arab Academy has a unique structure for language learning. Mango Languages, Glossika, Arabic Online, Michel Thomas, Rosetta Stone, 4th Tier You’ll need a supplement for written language since Pimsleur focuses on spoken Arabic. I was hoping to like Busuu because they have some neat tools and a decent platform. You can try a free lesson first or do the taster course for $11.99 to see if it’s a good fit. Qasid's core program is our two-track division into Classical and Modern Standard Arabic. There isn’t a lot of information available to fully judge the paid courses. Vocabulary introduction doesn’t make much sense—you don’t start with the basics. Check out our full, in-depth review on Mondly here. There’s a nice blend of audio plus written exercises, and not everything is multiple choice. Lessons involve real Arabic learners so you can hear common mistakes and avoid them. Because FSI is free, it’s tough not to include it as a second-tier resource. But stick with the free resources, and there’s still plenty to keep you busy while learning Arabic. Free tester course gives you an idea of what to expect without paying full price. You can get a Discount of up-to £1,610 when you book Your Place by 10th January 2020. When you learn Arabic abroad, you could have the opportunity for full immersion, which may make it much easier to learn a language. University of Maryland also offers an Arabic immersion program through Language House that allows students to live and learn with a cohort of students practicing the language. By living and learning in an Arabic-only environment with classroom instruction, field exercises, and homestays, you’ll rapidly learn to speak and understand Arabic and experience Arab and Jordanian culture. Price: Free, paid Skype lessons are also available. These options for learning Arabic are the highlight of our list. It is well situated in the West Bank for learning Levantine dialect, in a cheap city. Material is somewhat expensive for what’s included, and there’s nothing for advanced Arabic speakers. This site aims to be the most comprehensive and least biased place to figure out which language learning resources are worth using. We offer a range of over 292 courses for all ages, experience levels, and interests. Madinah Arabic features audio, video, and written Arabic, so you can use it as a supplement where other language courses miss an element. Signing up is quick and easy. Taking our immersion Arabic program delivers faster results in the levels of confidence in speaking and understanding the language. Dialect(s): Saudi, Iraqi, Levantine, Egyptian, Sudanese, Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan, Price: $15 per month, $126 per year, or $197 for lifetime access. Application and scholarship/financial aid processes are identical to those for the Middlebury campus. You’ll want something more in-depth no matter where you are in your language journey, so skip these. Dialect(s): Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine, MSA. Consistency can also be an issue, though the range of vocabulary categories is great for general language exposure. This will give you a great opportunity to understand the history and culture that underpins the language you are learning and extend your language facilities so that you can understand different local dialects – certain letters change for example if you are in the city or the countryside! These lessons include lots of English at the beginner levels, but Arabic is used more as you move up. Repetitive practice builds on a few basic skills. Check out our full, in-depth review on Busuu here. 8-week immersion programfo… You won’t find cultural immersion or advanced practice with the program, but the good news is, it’s an online-based option you can take anywhere. This is an important distinction you need to be clear about in your mind. The world’s premier, full-immersion year-long Arabic-language program, established since 1967, that gives advanced U.S. students the opportunity to bring their … Dialect(s): Lebanese, Egyptian, MSA, Moroccan, Quranic, and more. Study Arabic Online is a program that simulates a classroom setting using all the latest tools for effective virtual language acquisition. A true immersion environment requires at least a few hours spent speaking the new language, every day. Best Arabic Immersion Programs in the Middle East: Learning Arabic can be a really interesting past time, whether it’s with you a view to pursuing a career in something that will require the language in a professional capacity, or just learning it because you appreciate the language and culture in its own right. You’re better off learning the alphabet elsewhere first. An initial orientation helps the instructors gauge your abilities, and you’ll receive custom placement for your independent study lessons. Explanations are never given, so things may seem more complicated than they actually are. Mixing intensive Modern Standard Arabic courses together with an introduction to Dialectal Arabic, and / or other specialities.. From a minimum period of 2 weeks up to many months, you will spend from 3 to 5h per day and 5 days per week. Whether you are already fluent and simply looking to improve your skills or have no previous language experience, we have an online Arabic course specifically for you. Arabic Program. The lesson structure is quite lacking (and boring). The good news is, Michel Thomas doesn’t teach the Arabic course. You may pick up some Arabic from listening to Arabic songs or watching Arabic films and television with subtitles, but to really learn the language, you’re going to have to take an Arabic Immersion course, either in your home country or in a country where they speak Arabic. All Language Resources is an independent review site. Some dialects have minimal content, and it was disappointing to see that nothing was well thought out at all. As a foreigner, you will have privileged access to some places that even Palestinians can’t go! Although they aren’t available in every dialect, if they happen to be available in the one you’re studying, you’d be off to a good start with any of these. Busuu has a well-designed platform with a comprehensive learning format. Best Apps For Learning Japanese – We Tested Dozens Of Them. Although you won’t gain advanced fluency with Duolingo, I do like its game-like style. However, if you are more interested in speaking Arabic with locals, then the local dialect (Colloquial Arabic) will be of more use to you. Children will follow the daily routine at LSN from yoga to circle time in Arabic. There are some grammar and culture notes, but Mango only scrapes the surface of Arabic. If you are searching for Levantine Arabic immersion Program, then Palestine is the best places to study Arabic in the Middle East. I liked the format for the lessons, which tests your understanding in different ways and involves some dynamic exercises. These people can help you with your language learning both while you are living in Palestine and also long after you have left. But all these features come with the free account, so there’s no reason to pay a premium when you still need another course to learn the basics. Mihalis teaches you to think about learning while you develop language skills, an approach that helps you build on your vocabulary and understanding. Pricing seems high, but the fully paid courses might be worth the investment if they have additional material. The Arabic Language Summer Institute implements an innovative language curriculum that focuses on real communication skills. Modern Standard Arabic is the Arabic spoken on TV, news stations and in news papers – it is the more official form of the language and is generally considered more difficult. Price: $24.95 per month of $149.95 for a year. And if you hope to learn a specific dialect, there are no guarantees you’ll find what you’re looking for. For some people, the option of find Arabic Immersion Programs and studying in North Africa might appeal to them – this is certainly a region with a fascinating history stretching back to the Berbers and the Roman Empire and Carthage before that. Additional resources (two phrasebooks and private Skype lessons) are helpful for language expansion. Check out our full, in-depth review on Rocket Arabic here. The 8 Best Podcasts to Learn Cantonese in 2020, 35 Best (And Worst) Online French Courses: We’ve Tested Them, The 15 Best Podcasts for Studying Japanese in 2020. However, even if there is not a large Arabic speaking population in your home country, this is not necessarily a big problem as online tutors can teach you the language from anywhere in the world in theory. Each lesson practically demands participation. There are only 15 Places Available on the Quranic Arabic Immersion program. See our full, in-depth review of Pimsleur here. FSI has four separate courses for independent Arabic study. My favorite part of Pimsleur is how vibrant the audio is, and I don’t miss the written aspect much. Price: $9.99 per month for one language to $47.99 for one year. Discover the city of Tetouan’s beautiful Mediterranean beaches and its five-century-old Medina. Snippets of the language in isolation don’t build fluency, and I wish Transparent Language would get the memo. The Excellence Center provides accommodation and some meals for all students in the city of Hebron, Palestine, and you will have free time as well so that you have the opportunity to explore this fascinating country and visit the other famous cities of the West Bank and (Israel) like Jericho, Nablus, Jenin, Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Acre, Ramallah, and Bethlehem. However, because of this region’s affluence, living and studying costs can be commensurably higher and Gulf or Khaliji Arabic is still not as transferable as Levantine Arabic. The higher-level plans don’t offer significant value to justify the cost. There’s a brief free lesson you can try, plus a taster option for a low fee. Better options exist at a similar price point that are more in-depth. Let us know in the comments which course you like and why! Arabic immersion programs in the heart of the Middle-East Start studying Arabic online with our new partner Levantine Online, offering live group classes in Levantine Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic, private lessons and online events. Check out our full, in-depth review on Rosetta Stone here. When there are clashes they are highly localised to a single area, and you can avoid them easily as long as you are sensible about it. After all, if it’s fun to do, you won’t mind studying to keep your Arabic fresh. When taking a course or class to develop your Hindi-speaking skills, there are few better complements to your efforts than…, Ready to start learning Czech? I was hopeful about Talk in Arabic simply because of the many dialects they offer. With a long list of great resources to recommend, we can point you…, Learning Cantonese, whether in a classroom setting or via an online course, can be challenging. Three components include between eight and 18+ hours of audio content (one is text only). You’ll find lesson notes and transcripts, but they don’t often add anything to the experience. There are tons of lessons that are increasingly challenging to boost your skills. Check out our full, in-depth review on Transparent Language here. Lessons increase in difficulty, so there is material for beginners through intermediate Arabic speakers. Arabic is the newest addition to the PPS Dual Language Immersion program and joins Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese programs. You won’t find much in-depth information on how Arabic works, though, especially when it comes to the alphabet. Simply go to the Arabic in Cairo pageand fill out the application and select the program you want to attend. The lessons are efficient and cover a wide range of material—so you truly. There’s not any cohesive style to the course, even when Rocket Arabic attempts structured vocab or grammar lessons. The one highlight was the language exchange feature, in which a native speaker corrects your original speech or writing. The language exchange feature is innovative and useful for correcting speech or writing, and it’s free. These last Arabic courses aren’t excellent choices for any level of Arabic learners. I enrolled in online one on one program with brother Abdul Aleem just a month ago and I have already felt tremendous improvement in my confidence in learning and practicing my Arabic… I'm not a super polyglot who speaks 20 languages. Lessons don’t exactly proceed in a traditional format, as you don’t start by learning the basic greetings, etc. These options for learning Arabic are the highlight of our list. Dynamic audio material makes listening enjoyable. Hiba Najem is a native Lebanese Arabic speaker and took the time to create over 75 video lessons for language learners. Enjoy studying in a city declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can learn basic phrases quickly with a concentration on verbal skills. There may not be as many good resources available…, Whether it’s studying for the JLPT, preparing for a vacation in Japan, or an affinity for Japanese culture, there…, Learning Polish doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s got writing, reading, comprehension, and speaking practice. The Gulf dialect can be good option for individuals interested in working in this affluent region – there are many good job opportunities for Arabic speakers in these countries due to the prevalent oil wealth. Not many other options for finding lessons in specific dialects. The format is repetitive and not very engaging. Rosetta Stone might be an okay option for an absolute beginner wanting to learn Arabic, but the price is too high for what’s offered. There are some nuances that Duolingo didn’t cover thoroughly, like some sounds coming across wonky in the audio. 11Enrolment for the Quranic Arabic Immersion is now open. The translation feature is literally Google Translate via a plugin. You can take a free lesson first to check Arab Academy Out. Check out our full, in-depth review on Memrise here. Quizzes cover everything from basic prepositions to reading comprehension and increase from beginner to advanced level. You have lifetime access once you purchase a course, so you can always go back and refresh your skills. FULL PRICE: £6,900 For the price, I expected a bit more from the platform. Ready to try an Arabic course? Sure, there’s not a lot of written material here, but that’s why it’s so simple to work with. 1. No cohesive grammar lessons exist, either, so you get only bits and pieces of phrases in drill form. Plus, your local library might have free access, which makes it even better for beginners. The interface isn’t flashy, but the audio files are easy to access and follow along with. Check out our full, in-depth review on Mango Languages here. Multiple dialects are available via user-created decks, which helps you strengthen your skills in a specific dialect. The program provides a number of credit-based and non-credit based course options on various levels for students interested in Arabic as a second language only and not toward earning a degree at LAU. It’s expensive given how little coverage there is for many dialects. It’s definitely not the easiest language to learn in the world and…, Learning Czech is considered by many to be pretty difficult, especially if you currently only speak English. Check out our full, in-depth review on Glossika here. You learn just about anything on Udemy, and that includes a range of Arabic dialects. There are over 90 lessons you can access for free, and they build on one another, starting with learning Arabic script. You have several choices in the schedule of your coursework. You can try a free option before committing to a subscription. Tons of languages are available in addition to multiple Arabic dialects. While the Qasid Arabic Institute offers courses in Classical and Levantine Arabic, the extensive foundational Modern Standard Arabic program is the school’s shining star. Levantine Immersion Program / Dialect. Of course, this free resource is way cheaper than Michel Thomas’ offerings. Programs are open to undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students at other institutions, and professionals of all ages. The Excellence Center in Palestine can be a fantastic place to take an Arabic immersion program in the Middle East. You will likely need another course or supplement to hone your grammar, too. There is a significant time commitment—lessons are 50 minutes—and you work independently through the curriculum online, too. Its then with this in mind, that Qasid offers two full-time tracks to accomodate students with a … Pause and play as you go, so you can work at your own pace. Check out our full, in-depth review of ArabicPod101 here. 1 March 2021: 1 June 2021 The conversation style of Pimsleur is a highlight since you get to hear real-life conversations in a variety of voices (both male and female). YouTube videos are free, mobile, and allow you to proceed at your own pace or jump around for specific vocabulary. But the bottom line is, they don’t do any of them well. Some offerings are free, while others can be pretty steep in price. Glossika Arabic courses span audio content, tests, and interactive drills. If you stick with the free version of Memrise for learning Arabic, it’s plenty useful. Immediate specialization is the fastest and most effective way for students to move towards mastery. I’ll start with the top tier, ranging down to the worst options for your money and time. You can navigate the site’s simple structure to find video lesson “hints”, movie clips, and structured vocabulary lesson recaps. The audio was uncomfortable and unnatural, even cringey. Arabic Summer Institute. You can earn CEFR certification for educational or professional purposes. According to Arabic Online, they use a teaching method which is the style used in Europe. Travel, Meet New People and Explore Palestine. I'm not here to teach you how to learn a language - countless people are more qualified to do that than me. Very few lessons—and short ones—in many of the dialects. There’s no variation in the content among different languages. You can find better and/or cheaper options elsewhere. Unsubscribe at any time. And at this price, it’s not worth the investment. It’s nice that there’s a range of exercises, like writing, reading, and listening. One subscription lets you practice all 70+ languages. Price: Starts at $11.99 and ranges up to $100. Although the pathway format can be a little chaotic, it does help to add some structure to the lessons. Mihalis’ methodology uses the student teaching method, where you listen to a student speak (and receive correction). Arabic Online is based on the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages (CEFR) the international benchmark for defining language proficiency levels and which is recognised throughout Europe. Consider an Arabic intensive language program to fully immerse yourself and speed your grasp of the language. The site is easy to navigate, and you can find what level you need because everything is in order. What’s impressive about Language Transfer is that it’s free and really well done. The courses have been around since 1999, so Arab Academy has tons of experience teaching students at all levels. Best Online Polish Courses: We Tested 19 Of Them! There’s also a corporate Arabic option for professionals. Sometimes the dialects are mixed up, which can confuse beginners. So you avoid his overly critical style in favor of Jane Wightwick, who is a language teacher and graduate of Arabic, and Mahmoud Gaafar, who’s a native Arab speaker. Your local library might offer free access to all Mango Languages selections. As the program runs from drop off to pick up, 8am till 1pm, the children will have a greater opportunity to absorb the Arabic language in a more consistent learning environment. Arabic Immersion Course with Maha Yakoub Dec 14 - Dec 23, 2019 For more information or to secure a spot by placing a 10% deposit – Contact us here: [email protected] To that end, you can complete tests and earn certificates for CEFR. Price: Subscriptions range from $8/month to $47/month. Teaching styles vary, and course offerings are rather inconsistent. Accuracy is questionable though. a very good questions! There are also online student forums where you can chat with other Arabic learners. Not only do they offer online courses and Skype speaking classes with instructors but they also have a language learning school in Cairo. Start as a beginner with Pimsleur and surprise yourself with how much you manage to learn. Basically, you can get through the audio without a working knowledge of the alphabet—you just listen to the sounds to determine the right answer. Learning Arabic is a unique challenge because there are so many dialects. These are helpful because overall, I don’t recommend Michel Thomas. The lessons are fairly short, which can be helpful for digesting a topic. The Levant – Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan is a great place to learn Arabic and immerse in the Arabic language and culture– the living costs are not so expensive and the Levantine dialect here is the most easy to learn, use and be understood with in the wider Arabic speaking world. The lessons cover a range of categories, and each level offers more of a challenge while expanding your speaking abilities. The MSA program consists of five different levels, the first three of which are each equal to … You listen to and repeat the sentences you hear for the audio component, which isn’t the most entertaining way to practice. Price: Free, tutors available via Skype for a fee. The bottom line is this isn’t a course so much as an introduction to a handful of Arabic options for dabbling. A free resource page helps you practice the Arabic alphabet, learn basic words and phrases, and practice handwriting. The Excellence Center in the city of Hebron, Palestine provides Arabic programmes which involve intensive Arabic immersion programs for up to five hours a day to ensure you rapidly improve your Arabic language levels. Check out our full, in-depth review on Michel Thomas Method here. 1- The Private Arabic Training Program (One-To-One), Online Arabic Program and Full Immersion Arabic Program do not follow these dates. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, arabic immersion program will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Totally free to use, with a total of nine languages offered. You only get access to one language for a high price. No support if you need help while working through the course of study. Advantages of Immersion in Arabic Learning. You will have to jump around to cover every topic normally covered in a comprehensive study of Arabic. Udemy, FSI, Duolingo, Arab Academy, Learn Lebanese Arabic With Hiba Najem, 3rd Tier The 15 Best Podcasts For Studying Arabic – Check These Out! In this post, I’ll cover the 16 best courses for learning a range of Arabic dialects. User-created courses mean plenty of variation and innovation throughout the lessons. Having a native speaker is a step up for the Arabic course in comparison with other Michel Thomas Method options because you can work on pronunciation more effectively. Few resources for advanced Arabic learners. Depending on the dialect you’re learning, the way you like to learn, and your ability level when you start out, your opinion of these courses might be different from our own.

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